Maroons prevail in 1864 season opener

The reigning Sulphur Dell Cup champions from the fourth annual 1864 base ball season opened the fifth annual 1864 season against the Cup holders from the third annual 1864 season yesterday. After nine innings on a sunlit field at the grounds of Ravenswood Mansion, Commissioner Skeeter declared the Nashville Maroons victors over the Travellers of Brentwood, with a final tally of seventeen to ten.

After yielding ten aces to the Travellers through four innings, the Maroons terminated that warm generosity and served their hosts none but cold molasses over the final five frames.

Meanwhile, the greenest of Maroons–Faust, Scoops, and Slim–proved their hands both in the garden and with the willow, as each finished with at least a hand dead, a base hit, and an ace tallied. Huzzah!

The Maroons suit up again next Sunday, the ninth of April, at the Sam Davis Home in Smyrna, where they shall send a message to rest of the league, through their Scouts, that the with Nashville Nine, thou shall not trifle.

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